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(Last Updated On: December 21, 2020)

You are in this post because you want to unblock your website URL blocked on Facebook. And let me guess that this is not the first post that you have referred to in the hopes of unblocking your website on Facebook.

I feel you because I’ve been there. I was desperate for solutions but nothing seems to work and I became hopeless. 

Our blog is about travel destination guides and tips but I am writing this post to help a fellow travel blogger, including those on other niches, so you can unblock your website that was blocked on Facebook.

A little background of our website

Mike and I started blogging so we can share our travels online using a website. Way back, I didn’t know about SEO. Mike and I were just creating posts as to how we wanted to tell it.

After a couple of months, I got demotivated and just stopped blogging because we were not getting the result that we wanted. Fortunately, I got interested in learning SEO a few months later. I applied what I learned to our website and it was improving.

How Facebook blocked our website

A month later, I shared a post from our website as a comment on a blog boost thread on a Facebook group for our activity that day. To my surprise, Facebook was not accepting my comment and I am getting the message below whenever I share any post from my website on Facebook.

You can’t share this link: thehollapinos.com 

Your post couldn’t be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standard

Not only that. I also started receiving the notification This post goes against our Community Standards on spam on each of my existing posts on Facebook that has my website URL.

Facebook will give you options on what you can do. I clicked on See Options but it did not unblock our website that was blocked.

Community Standards - Blocked by Facebook - The Hollapinos
Support message from Facebook

What happened when our website got blocked on Facebook?

Aside from not allowing me to comment nor share any post with our website URL, Facebook removed all our existing blog shares. It did not remove our website URL on our Facebook Page About section but what’s the point of having it there. Additionally, the count of Facebook shares was deducted from the social share plugin on our website.

You can't share this link - Facebook - The Hollapinos
Facebook message prompt when I try to post our travel blogs

That’s not all. Instagram was not allowing us to like any posts, follow back new followers, and reply to comments on our posts. Sadly, we encountered these issues in both our personal and business accounts! As long as you have that blocked URL in your bio, you will experience this issue.

Below are the message prompts that we encounter on Instagram.

In my personal Instagram account, I noticed that whenever I post a photo, the caption was removed. I did not experience the same issues with my personal Facebook account. The platform was only blocking any post, comment, and chat containing our blocked URL. To prevent this trouble, I removed our website URL in our Instagram bio.

And just like that, without a warning, our website URL was blocked on Facebook and Instagram.

How did it affect us?

I was broken because I was just learning SEO and I focused only on Facebook and Instagram for our social media marketing. We have a business account with Twitter and Pinterest but with zero followers as I just created those accounts to reserve the profile name for future use.

Relying on Facebook and Instagram just because most people we know are on those platforms is one of the major blogging beginner mistakes. But because of this mistake and Facebook’s action to block our website that I learned about Twitter and Pinterest marketing.

Despite not knowing anyone personally from our Twitter and Pinterest community, the engagements and the clicks are way better than Facebook and Instagram.

Somehow, I did not lose hope. Once in a while, I will test if our website URL has been unblocked. 

You can't share this link - Facebook - The Hollapinos
The message I get when I try to post using our website URL

As always, NO BUENO! Although Facebook will give you a chance to disagree with this decision, it will still not unblock your website.

Community Standards - Blocked by Facebook - The Hollapinos
First prompt
Community Standards - Blocked by Facebook - The Hollapinos
Click on Continue
Community Standards - The Hollapinos
Click on Continue
Community Standards - The Hollapinos
Tick the “Disagree With Decision” radio button then click Continue
Community Standards - Blocked by Facebook - The Hollapinos
Dead end

How to unblock your website that was blocked on Facebook?

I know you came across several blogs and forums on how to unblock your website on Facebook. The usual way that they will tell you is to go to Facebook Debugger then put in your website URL. But then you will get a prompt that you did not meet Facebook’s Community Standards and you will have to submit a report that you think this is an error.

Facebook Debugger - The Hollapinos

Isn’t it redundant? You already did that when you were first notified that your website did not meet the Community Standards. I did this step many times more than I can remember but I did not receive any response from Facebook nor found a way to speak to their support team.

Moreover, most articles and videos that I’ve seen would even provide a standard format of the report which you will submit to Facebook. I don’t think anyone from Facebook Support Team will ever read it.

You will also encounter people promising to unblock your website on Facebook with a price. I’ve seen offers like $25 to $297 with a money-back guarantee! I was desperate and I was willing to pay but I also thought, why would I pay someone outside of Facebook to unblock our website blocked by Facebook?

Some offer it for FREE but again, why would you ask someone outside of Facebook to unblock your website URL?

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So did you unblock your website?

On the contrary, even if Facebook blocked our URL, I still receive plenty of notifications to create an ad. At first, I was annoyed. Why would Facebook want me to sign up for ads when they blocked our website?! To get back to them, I would even report it every time they will send me an offer for ads.

After 4 months, I learned that Facebook Business Help Center has a support chat. I have an existing ad account with Facebook because they offered me credit on my first ad that I tried for 5 days so did not cost me much.

Facebook Business Help Center - The Hollapinos

Chat with a representative

To unblock your website, go to the Facebook Business Help Center page then scroll down until you see the Still Need Help? Find answers or contact support section.

Facebook Business Help Center - The Hollapinos

Click on Get Started. Note that Facebook Business Support Team follows business hours.

You will be taken to the How can we help? page then select Policy & Account Security.

How can we help - The Hollapinos

On the next page, click on Chat with a representative.

Support Chat - The Hollapinos
Chat is available during business hours
Note: I receive a lot of feedback that the chat option is not available. The chat option was available to me right away. Amy King was able to find the solution so that the chat option will appear.

I had the same issue. After doing some snooping, I learned that you have to have run at least one ad on Facebook before the chat option becomes available, and once you do that the chat option isn’t available all the time either. It took a day or two before I saw the chat option after my ad (that I ran for $1 just to run an ad) ended, but it did finally appear for me. Hope that helps you and anyone else reading the comments!

Amy King

Once you click on the chat button, you will be asked to fill up a form for the Facebook Support Team to get an idea of your issue. Your Ad Account ID will be needed when filling up the form so be ready with it.

To get your Ad Account ID, go to Facebook Ads Manager and it will on the right side of the header Campaign beside your name. Your Ad Account ID is also at the URL of the Facebook Ads Manager when you are logged in.

Once you’re done, click on Get Started.

Ad Manager - The Hollapinos
Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook Business Support chat will open in Messenger. In my case, a Facebook representative responded to the chat in less than 2 minutes.

Your Ad Account ID will be asked again by the Facebook representative will ask so keep it available.

Facebook Business Support experience

The Facebook representative was helpful and polite. Below was part of the Facebook representative response to me during our chat.

“I was able to check on your website and seems like there was a Community Standard of Facebook that has not been followed, that is why the URL cannot be shared. But no worries, I know it was not your intention to not follow any guidelines.”

You will also be asked for your email address and will be receiving an email after you chat with the Facebook representative. We started our chat at 8:06 AM and I got an email about my case at 8:32 AM.

At 5:33 AM the following day, I received an email saying that Facebook has lifted the block on our website. Below was part of the email that I received.

“We use a variety of systems to help detect and block abuse in Facebook including both human review and automation. The website was blocked as a false positive from our automation. We have lifted the block.”

Website was unblocked - The Hollapinos
Email from Facebook Support Team

It was not indicated in the email that I am required to proceed with the ads. Yet I still created and published an ad to make up with the 4 months’ loss of traffic from Facebook and Instagram.

And that was the only way that unblocked our website blocked on Facebook and in less than 24 hours for free! Our previous posts that were removed by Facebook were also back on the platform.

URL in Facebook Post - The Hollapinos
We’re back!!!


Every mistake is an opportunity to learn. If this did not happen to me, I would have not learned about Twitter and Pinterest marketing.

Be patient. It is during desperate times that others can take advantage of you so be careful about people offering help outside the platform.

Share this post to help other bloggers and leave a comment to help me update or improve this post. I would love to read your comments.

For how long did Facebook block your website?

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  1. I faced the same issue. I didn’t go with the ads as I wasn’t up for them yet. So went for a domain change. And I prefer twitter and pinterest too these days.

    1. I prefer Twitter and Pinterest too but most people we know personally are in Facebook so it helps that we can share it with them. We wouldn’t want to give up our domain 🙂

    1. Hi Vivek! We checked the Facebook Business Help Center just now and the chat support is still available. You can email us a screenshot of the page at info@thehollapinos.com and we’ll check if we did the same process. Note that we can only help with what worked for us and if you have an ads account.

    2. Hi Vivek, I had the same issue. After doing some snooping, I learned that you have to have run at least one ad on Facebook before the chat option becomes available, and once you do that the chat option isn’t available all the time either. It took a day or two before I saw the chat option after my ad (that I ran for $1 just to run an ad) ended, but it did finally appear for me. Hope that helps you and anyone else reading the comments!

  2. I’m on this post coz my Facebook page also just got blocked. It’s literally a new site which I just started July of this year and it only has 3 posts in it – completely interest-based. There’s no way I violated any of FB’s community rules. At least not that I know of. I just don’t get it.

    I’ve reported it though, but thanks for tips about running an ad. I’ll probably try that out.

    But honestly, I’m more than tempted to just focus my own social media marketing to Twitter and Pinterest.

    Nice read! Learned a lot from this! (Pinay here too! Love your travels!)

    1. Hi Venus! We are sorry about your page and hope that you will sort this out. Twitter and Pinterest are good social media platforms too but Pinterest is going through a lot of algorithm changes right now.

      We are glad to know that you love our travels. Katie says “Kamusta?!”

  3. I have written and read a lot about this topic. Your article really sums up the frustrations of having your url blocked. I wish Facebook wouldn’t do this to innocent websites, but I am glad there are ways of getting around it! Thanks for taking the time to write this great article.

  4. Thanks for this article and highlighting the issue. The mentioned chat option indeed popped up a few days after publishing a new FB ad. However I was impatient and already went with a paid unblocking service instead, which miraculously completed the job in ~48 hours for $10.

    Here’s a few options:

    Note that gig marketplaces like Fiverr will charge about $3 commission fee on top but in return you’ll deal with a safe intermediary for payment and potential refunds.

    Hope this helps someone!

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