Mount Konocti - Things To Do in Lake County - The Hollapinos
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(Last Updated On: August 4, 2020)

This list comprises five of the best things to do in Lake County.  With all there is to do in this beautiful county, this list could be endless. Being that Lake County is 1,329 sq. miles, you can imagine the possibilities. It is all about what you are looking for and where you want to go.

Mount Konocti - Things To Do in Lake County - The Hollapinos

Whether you are looking for outdoor recreation, indoor activities, or sightseeing, you can do it all in Lake County. Pack your sunscreen, your snacks, and your beverages and let us get started.

5 things to do in Lake County California

1. Boating

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the largest fresh-water lake in California and do a little boating? The shoreline of Clear Lake is approximately 100 miles and offers some spectacular views from onboard a boat while traversing the large body of water.

There are several parks around the lake that provide boat ramps for launching your boat and there are some water’s edge hotels that offer boat docks so you can pull right up to their facilities. You can even access one of Lake County’s popular casinos from the water.

Boating - The Hollapinos

Konocti Vista Casino at 2755 Mission Rancheria Rd, Lakeport offers a free boat ramp at their marina for hotel or RV park registered guests. If you are not a guest, you will have to pay $10 per boat per day for ramp and marina usage.

Whether you plan on fishing on the lake, doing water sports, swimming, or simply just sightseeing, you will not be disappointed. Your day will be filled with fun in the sun.

Boating - The Hollapinos

2. Hiking

Probably one of my favorite things to do in Lake County is a hike. I have not even scratched the surface of Lake County’s 100 miles of hiking trails and 600,000 acres of public land that there is to adventure on.  Trails will cater to every skill level of hiker and every age of hiker.

Hiking Konocti - The Hollapinos

Try the following trails that interest you and are at your hiking skill level:

  1. Lake Pillsbury Trail – located in the Mendocino National Forest
  2. Highland Springs Recreation Area – located at 3600 E Highland Springs Rd, Lakeport
  3. Mt. Konocti County Park – 5413-5553 Konocti Rd, Kelseyville
  4. North Cow Mountain Recreation Area – 7792 Purdy Rd, Lakeport
  5. Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest – off of Highway 175, Cobb sunscreen, water, insect repellent, and snacks. Enjoy your hike!
Hiking Konocti - The Hollapinos

Slip-on your hiking shoes or boots and be prepared to see some scenic shorelines, breathtaking mountain vistas, and picturesque rolling vineyards. Be sure and always pack some essentials like sunscreen, water, insect repellent, and snacks. Enjoy your hike!

Mount Konocti - Things To Do in Lake County - The Hollapinos

3. Biking

If you like bike riding as much as I do, then you are going to love what Lake County has to offer. Whether you are a road bike person or a mountain bike person, or both, Lake County will satisfy your needs. In fact, the county is home to one of California’s most popular cycling events, The Konocti Challenge. There are four different rides to choose from and they all start and finish on the grand shores of Clear Lake. You can choose from a 20-mile, 40-mile, 65-mile, and leg-burning 100-mile loop. 

Unfortunately, after 30 years, the event is ending in 2020. The last ride will be held on Saturday, October 3rd, 2020. If you would like to come out and be a part of the celebration and participate in the final event, click to visit the official site of The Konocti Challenge.

Biking in Lake County - The Hollapinos
During one of my daily bike rides on summer

Many of the hiking trail locations mentioned earlier in this article also allow off-road mountain biking trails. It is best to check their associated websites or the Lake County Parks website to verify if and where off-road mountain biking is allowed. Be ready for a leg work out and take the high elevation challenges of Lake County’s remote mountainous areas.

If you would rather remain at lake level and only challenge some of the smaller rolling hills or flat roads that will take you through the eye-appealing orchards and vineyards of Lake County, then your options are quite endless. Remember to pre-hydrate, stay hydrated during the day, pack light with the essentials you will need, and be safe on the trails and on the roads.

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A young biker near a vineyard in Lake County - The Hollapinos
A young biker near a vineyard in Lake County

4. Golfing

Probably one of the most popular sports for current residents and visitors to Lake County is golf. You can almost guarantee someone will be packing their golf clubs for their road trip to Lake County. Weather permitting, you will always see people on the local golf courses. Lake County has four 9-hole golf courses and one 18-hole golf course.

Hidden Valley Golf Course - The Hollapinos
Hidden Valley Golf Course

The five golf courses below offer their own variety of challenges and offer golfers different scenic views of Lake County. You may be on a course that offers a spectacular view of Clear Lake or on a course where you are viewing the majestic tall pines on Cobb Mountain and breathing the freshest of air. Please see the below links for the golf courses of Lake County.

  1. Adams Springs Golf Course – a 9-hole golf course in Cobb Mountain
  2. BlackRock Golf Course – another 9-hole golf course in Cobb Mountain 
  3. Buckingham Golf & Country Club – a-9 hole golf course in Kelseyville
  4. Hidden Valley Lake Golf Course  – an 18-hole golf course in Hidden Valley Lake
  5. Riviera Hills Country Club – a 9-hole golf course in Kelseyville that can offer 18 holes using alternate Tee boxes

5. Wine tasting

Last, but not least let us talk about wine tasting. From experience, I can say that this is becoming one of the most popular things to do in Lake County. Not too many years ago, the county was not known for wines and wine tasting. Here we are in 2020 and Lake County is well known as one of the fastest-growing winemaking regions, not just in California, but in all of America. And I believe it, because I live here, and I have seen the development of vineyards and expansion of wineries expand over the last 15 years.

Brassfield Estate Winery - Lake County - The Hollapinos
Brassfield Estate Winery in Clearlake Oaks

There are currently thirty plus wineries in Lake County, many with the distinction of making award-winning wines. If you are ready to sample some of these award winners, you just need to decide where you would like to start. A good start is to click HERE to visit the county website.

Winery in Lake County - The Hollapinos
One of the wineries in Kelseyville in Lake County

Here you will find a list of the thirty plus Lake County wineries with links to their sites and a gallery of spectacular views from some of the locations. So, raise a glass and cheer to the wines of Lake County. Happy tasting and be safe.

Winery in Lake County - The Hollapinos
One of the wineries in Kelseyville in Lake County

Where to stay in Lake County

If planning on staying in Lake County for a couple of days and want to stay in or around the area near most of the restaurants in this article, see the below locations.

Skylark Shores Resort located at 1120 N. Main St, Lakeport.  The resort has a pool, BBQ facilities, private beach with boat dock and guest access to the sun terrace.

Super 8 by Wyndham located at 450 E. State Highway 20, Upper Lake. The hotel features suites with in-room whirlpool tubs, picnic area with BBQ facilities, outdoor pool, and whirlpool.

Tallman Hotel located at 9550 Main St, Upper Lake.  The historic hotel was built in the 1890’s and went through a restoration and expansion in 2006. It features free parking, pool, evening entertainment, free breakfast.

Click below to book the hotel that you like at the best price.


This list just lists 5 things to do in Lake County. There are dozens of more activities that you and your family can enjoy in this beautiful county. Your adventures can take you from lake level to the highest peaks overlooking the county.  Wherever you go and whatever you do, it is guaranteed that you will experience some of the most scenic spots Lake County has to offer. Plan your excursions accordingly, take your time, and enjoy the experiences of Lake County to the fullest.

Got tired after touring? Click to read on where to relax and satisfy your hunger at any of the noteworthy restaurants in Lake County!


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