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(Last Updated On: October 27, 2020)

You’ve booked your flights, packed your bag, and it’s almost time to go. Another fantastic holiday awaits, full of sublime delights and excellent weather. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a break from your life and enjoy the sun! Everyone loves sunbathing while on holiday – for some of you, it’s the only chance you get to sunbathe. Believe it or not, but there’s an art to sunbathing you should learn. When done correctly, sunbathing will leave you with lovely golden skin and no problems at all. If done wrong, it may leave you with burns and many other issues. 

Here are three tips to help you sunbathe while on holiday:

Protect yourself

First and foremost, protect yourself when out in the sun. Slather on some sunscreen with SPF protection to stop the sun from hurting you. This will prevent burns and can also protect you from harmful UV rays – provided you choose the right sunscreen

Next, protect your head and eyes. It’s always worth wearing sunglasses when lying on your back as the sun is right in your face. Don’t worry, you can find stylish options on sites like Quite simply, sunglasses can stop you from going blind. A sun hat will stop your head from getting too hot, which can often cause headaches. But, it also protects your hair and stops it from drying out and turning to straw. 

Hop in and out of the shade

Don’t lie in the sun for hours on end. It’s not good for your skin, and it will usually lead to burns. Instead, the best sunbathing tactic is to stay in the sun for a period, then sit in the shade for a bit. You can keep repeating this throughout the day to ensure you soak up enough sun. But, the constant breaks in the shade will give your skin a rest and allow it to settle down. It prevents burns and could lead to a better tan. 

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Moisturize when you finish

You should always shower after sunbathing to get all the sunscreen off your body. If left on for too long it can cause breakouts on your skin. Not to mention the fact it also feels quite sticky and gross. A shower will hydrate your skin after a long day of baking in the sun. Then, you should moisturize to lock in this hydration and prevent dryness. After-sun lotions are readily available all over the internet but look for ones with aloe vera in them. Aloe vera is crucial in helping your skin feel nourished after sunbathing. It offers hydration while also repairing any damages. Again, this can stop burns or prevent them from turning really bad!

That’s really all there is to it. Sunbathing isn’t as simple as sitting on a beach chair and enjoying the sun for the entire day. Well, you can do that, but you run the risk of sunburn and skin issues. We all like to tan on our travels, so let’s ensure you return without any burns to worry about. Follow these three steps to turn into a bronzed beach babe on holiday. 

Note: This is a collaborative post.

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