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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2020)

Many of us are facing a situation that we never had to deal with before in our lives. We are being asked to shelter in place in our homes for a long period of time for our safety during this current pandemic.

Before this current situation we may have been at work wishing that we were at home instead. 

But now that we are being forced to shelter in place in our home all the time, we may find ourselves possibly wishing otherwise. How the tides have changed.

Mask On - Shelter In Place - The Hollapinos
Mask On

They say that home is where the heart is, it is also where the work is if you have chores and daily duties that require your attention.  The following list contains a list of some of the tasks I have taken on during my shelter in place and some ideas for what you can do to break the monotony of your months longer shelter in place.

The first item on the list below is more than likely an item that would be on most people’s list, but not due to popularity. Some of us may enjoy it and some us may dread it, but it is necessary and vital to our staying healthy.

1. Clean the house

None of us are strangers to cleaning houses and we all have our own methods to tackle this chore.  But now it is performed with more vigor and emphasis on disinfecting to try to eliminate contamination from the current COVID-19 virus that is circulating worldwide.

I hit all my common surfaces with Lysol disinfectant cleaner from front door handles, refrigerator handles, kitchen faucets, restroom faucets, tub and shower knobs and toilet handles. There really wasn’t any surface in my house that was exempt from a thorough disinfecting and cleaning. 

After that I concentrated on the typical and usual dusting, sweeping and mopping of my hardwood floors. This whole process took many hours, but this was time well spent and invested in making the house clean and healthy. And when you’re done you can look around and feel good about having a clean house.

2. Laundry

Everyone has laundry, but not everyone does their own laundry. Since my wife is still living in the Philippines, I am the sole laundry attendant in our home. I don’t mind doing laundry at all, it’s the folding and ironing that I may not be the biggest fan of. It is a given fact that it must be done and with all the extra time you now have you can stay on top of it.

3. Reducing clutter inside the house

With the shelter in place in effect and my also having to work from home now instead of going into my office, I notice more things that I realize need my attention within and outside our home. With a wet and rainy weekend this past weekend I was limited to only being able to focus on the inside of our house, so I tackled one of our closets. It is the closet where we keep our bed linens, bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. I went through and sorted what was to be kept and what wasn’t needed, cleaned the shelving, refolded and restacked everything and ended up gaining floor space in the closet.

When the weather improves, I’ll tackle reducing the clutter in our garage. That is going to be an extensive project, but I’m up to the challenge.

4. Shopping safely during shelter in place

During your shelter in place going out in public to shop may add a risk of you encountering others that may be carrying the virus. To avoid this, research safe alternatives for you to obtain the supplies you need to sustain you during your shelter in place.

Some grocery retailers provide delivery service to your home for your online order. There are some companies that have employees that will shop for you and deliver to your home. Many online retailers will deliver to your doorstep. And it is possible you may have a friend in your community that doesn’t mind the risk and they will perform your shopping for you and deliver to your house as a favor.

5. House repairs

Now that you are sheltered in home, why not work on your home? Since you’ll probably be spending many waking hours inside your house this would be a great time to perform all those repairs you’ve been putting off.  Take advantage of all this newly found free time to fix what’s broken and maybe even perform an upgrade.

I know my wife wants to change the color of the interior walls of our house. So that would be a fulfilling task for both of us, because she gets what she wants, and I keep busy doing something I actually enjoy. Is there a project in your home that your wife wants completed? Here’s your chance to score some points.

 Weather permitting, you may also want to get out of the house to get some sun, fresh air and work on any exterior repairs that may be needed. Make a list of the items you want to address and start in no order to knock them out. Don’t forget to get your wife’s input, she may have some items to add to your list. Show her that you are up to the challenge and get it done.

6. Exercise

Just because you are sheltered in place doesn’t mean you have to be inactive. Dust off that treadmill, that weight bench and that yoga mat. Set aside a period of time in your day to stretch, warm-up and get a workout in. You’ll burn a few calories, get some cardio in your day and you will feel better. It would be a good idea to create a schedule for your exercise regimen so that you maintain consistency to stay on track and focused.

And don’t be afraid to try something new. Maybe there’s an exercise you’ve been wanting to add to your workout routine or have seen on many of the online challenges circulating. It’s always good to add something new to keep you motivated.

For your home workouts!

7. Read and write

Do you want to relax your body and stimulate your mind? Pick up a good book to read and find a comfortable place in your house with minimal distractions to enjoy the content of your literature. If you don’t have any hardback books around the house, you can go online and find many options for e-book reading.

If you’re more of a writer than a reader, then pick up your pen & pad and let your mind create. Write a letter to a loved one, a relative or a family friend, or if you’re feeling some creativity in your mind write a short story about any subject matter that interests you.

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8. Yard work

It may be one of the most dreaded chores outside of the house, but at least it will get you outside and give you the feeling of a little freedom from your shelter in place.  With spring here there are weeds to cut, lawns to fertilize, trees and shrubs to prune and flowers and gardens to plant. And when you are all done you can sit back and enjoy your revitalized yard.

On the days that the weather is cooperating I have been doing my share of yard work. I have roto-tilled our garden spot, mowed our orchard, trimmed trees and shrubs, weeded and pulled weeds and planted our vegetable garden seeds in the hothouse.

At the end of the day I sit on our front porch and enjoy looking at the fruits of my labor and I share them with my wife via a video call. It’s a work in progress, but it’s getting there.

Yard work while shelter in place - The Hollapinos
After yard work while shelter in place

9. Watch a good stream at home

I would almost bet anything that this will probably be one of the most favorite items on the list. After all, who doesn’t like a good movie or series? If you’re an avid viewer of movies and series today’s entertainment availability is endless with programming provided through cable, satellite, and streaming. The video libraries are extensive, you’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for. The hardest decision will be what beverage to choose to go with your popcorn.

While watching Netflix - The Hollapinos
While watching Netflix

10. Start a new hobby

Looking for something to fill the void with all the free time you have at home? Why not start a new hobby to spark your interest and keep you occupied? When it comes to hobbies the choices are endless and they vary in ease and difficulty.

You’ll want to pick something that challenges you and will keep your interest, so in hopes that you will continue your hobby long after your shelter in place has ended.

11. Improve your culinary skills

We all must eat during our shelter in place, so why not eat good? Maybe you are getting bored with your meals and they are feeling mundane and routine. Why not spice it up a little? Break out of your cooking monotony and put some bang in your kitchen!

I need to practice what I am preaching, because my meals have been regular and routine during my shelter in place. I was thinking this would be a good time to add to my culinary skills and learn to cook some new dishes.

Perhaps like me, you have a stack of recipes clipped from articles you have read that are just sitting in your cabinet drawer collecting dust. This is the time to get them out and look them over. You don’t have to go overboard and try to make them all at once. Maybe choose one recipe a week to conquer and rotate it into your future meal plans.

If you don’t have a stack of recipes sitting around, then jump online and search to your heart’s desire. I guarantee you’ll find something you’ve been dying to try. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t turn out as good as you wished the first time, there’s always room for improvement so keep on cooking. Soon you will be the chef of the house.

12. Plan a vacation

You may not be thinking about travel at this time due to the current pandemic and the worldwide restrictions to some locations, but this is the time to plan for your future travels. Many airlines, travel agencies, hotels and resorts are offering money saving deals to help recuperate from all the lost revenue they have encountered as people shelter in place.

Put together a list of vacation destinations you want to travel to and start using Jetradar online or mobile app to find cheap flights. Jetradar is a free search engine for flights around the world. It compares hundreds of airlines and dozens of travel agencies and systems. They are specialized to search and find you the best low-cost airfare. Jetradar does not sell airline tickets, but they help you search for your needs and your budget.

So, don’t let the current worldwide events discourage you from making future vacation travel plans. Have regained confidence and enthusiasm knowing you can research for the destination you want, and you can save valuable money.

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13. Back-up your data

We often take it for granted that when we fire up our desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone that all our data will be there. Are you prepared if it’s not? It can give you instant anxiety and be a frustrating situation to resolve if not prepared. We are so dependent on our electronic devices and they hold so much vital information that we access daily.

While sheltered in place in your home, use the opportunity of this time to back-up your data. There are many options for backing up your data, to a cloud, external hard drive, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or flash drive. This will ensure that if you ever do encounter technical difficulties with your device, that you can be assured your data is replicated and accessible.

14. Volunteer Virtually

Just because you are under a shelter in place, doesn’t mean you still cannot make a difference from the comfort of your home. No matter what your cause is or what you are passionate about, chances are there is probably a virtual volunteer out there waiting to hear from you.

Many large organizations across the world are offering online volunteer programs and opportunities for volunteers. The convenience of virtual volunteering online allows you the freedom to volunteer when you have spare time at home, and  it also allows you to still be safe from possible exposure to a virus if you were in the community volunteering.

Search volunteering opportunities at https://www.idealist.org or try the following large organizations: United Nations, Red Cross and Smithsonian Institute.

15. Organize Photos

If you are like me, you probably have an extensive collection of printed photos and digital photos that are in disarray and need to be organized. We are good at taking and collecting photos, but sometimes we don’t take time to organize them.

With a shelter in place you can now take the opportunity of the time provided to sit down and put a project in the works to view, sort and organize your photo collection. You may come across photos that you forgot you even had, and you may come across ones that you will wish to print and put on display in your home.

One thing is for sure, you’ll be filled with joy viewing the memories that you captured, and you will have a feeling of accomplishment when you’re done knowing that all your photos have been organized.

Shelter In Place - The Hollapinos

In conclusion, we hope that the above list helps to inspire you and motivate you to conquer your shelter in place. May it also spark some ideas of your own on what you can do during these difficult times. We wish you well and always be safe.

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  1. These are excellent suggestions. It is just me and my teenage daughter in our home so we started a 30 day yoga challenge and it has been a lot of fun. We are going to try to plan our next trip and hopefully work on learning the language for that location. It’s great to see that you have found ways to keep busy. I need to organize my photos next! Stay safe.

    1. Hello. We’re so glad that you and your daughter are safe and staying busy during this pandemic. It sounds like you both have it handled very well with your challenge and trip planning. Good luck with the language learning, that will be beneficial. Take care and stay safe.

  2. During this time, I have already decluttered my room, organized my shelves, disinfect the house. These are something I never thought I had time for. I’m so glad I did. You have great suggestions, thank you for sharing such an important post during this time

  3. This useful list has ideas I never thought about like volunteering virtually. I didn’t know I could use my skills this way too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This places are mind- blowing and can’t wait to travel at least once in a lifetime, we are kind bored all the time being at the mountain side in Nepal, but it’s worth here to

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