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(Last Updated On: August 1, 2020)I remember the time when we posted some of our photos online as teasers, some people thought we had our photo shoot on a volcano. Our team was able to make into reality the photo shoot ideas that we wanted.
Mike and I chose Cebu as our main photo shoot location because this is where we met each other.
Prenup Photo Shoot Ideas - The Hollapinos
On top of Osmena Peak
Cebu is one of the top travel destinations in the Philippines. The capital of the province is Cebu City.  It is the first capital and the oldest city in the Philippines. Cebu City is known as the “Queen City of the South”. Both of us have been to Cebu before we met but we have never explored all of Cebu. This province has so many travel destinations that will always keep coming back for more. Aside from photo shoot ideas, we also include a Cebu travel guide in this post to guide you if you are planning a trip to Cebu. Book Guided Cebu City And Nature Tours here >>

What is a prenup photo shoot?

Prenuptial or prenup photo shoot, sometimes called an engagement photo shoot, is a fun and creative way of soon-to-be-wed couples to commemorate their wedding. Few photos are usually shared as pre-wedding teasers while the rest will be part of a video or slideshow presentation during the wedding reception. Is it a photo shoot or photoshoot? Read here >>
Photo Shoot Ideas Osmena Peak - The Hollapinos
The sunset at the Osmena Peak

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Photo shoot ideas pin - The Hollapinos

Our photo shoot ideas

Mike and I wanted to show some of the famous travel destinations in Cebu through our prenup photos since we are both travellers. The initial photo shoot ideas were:

Malakas and Maganda

One of my ultimate photo shoot ideas is to show the origin of Malakas and Maganda. Malakas means strong while maganda means beautiful. In Philippine folklore, Malakas and Maganda are the first man and woman who came out of a bamboo node after being struck by a bird. It did not happen in this photo shoot as Geof and Mike were a little conservative.

Osmena Peak

Mike and I love to hike mountains. We have hiked Mount Hallasan, the highest peak in South Korea during our first year anniversary celebration as a couple. So another one of my photo shoot ideas was on top of the highest peak in Cebu which is the Osmena Peak.

Kawasan Falls

I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful couple photos in Kawasan Falls online so one of my photo shoot ideas was to recreate our own version of it in Kawasan Falls.

Temple of Leah

Being a fan of the Roman and Greek architecture, one of my photo shoot ideas was to do several poses inside the Temple of Leah.

Sirao Garden

Mike loves flowers since he was raised by his grandmother who was very good at gardening.   My last of my photo shoot ideas was to be in the middle of Sirao Garden, the Little Amsterdam of Cebu.

Photo shoot locations

The Temple of Leah and the Sirao Garden, known as the Little Amsterdam, are both almost an hour away from the airport and are a few minutes away from each other.  On the other hand, the Osmena Peak and the Kawasan Falls are both approximately 4 hours away from the airport and are more than an hour away from each other.
Photo Shoot Ideas Tumalog Falls - The Hollapinos
Tumalog Falls in Cebu

Photo shoot length and timing

Due to distances of the photo shoot locations, Mike and I agreed to do our prenup shoot for two days.  We will start first with the locations that are far from the city then the ones that are near the city. Also, Mike is not always in the Philippines so we make the most of what we can do together when he visits. We scheduled our prenup photo shoot when he visited last April 2017.  This month is the peak of the hot dry season so most people are at the beach. It is also part of the school break season that’s why most travel destinations are crowded. We scheduled our photoshoot on weekdays to avoid the crowd .

Change of plans

Aside from styling, our creative director Geof Lagria also managed our itinerary and logistics which was very convenient for us since I stay in Manila and Mike is in the US. He advised us that there were fewer flowers in Sirao Garden and a flock of tourists in Kawasan Falls in April so we needed to consider alternatives.
Photo Shoot Ideas Sirao Farm - The Hollapinos
Sirao Farm: Photo by Geof Lagria
Book Celosia Flower Farm, Sirao and Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary Half Day Tour here >>

Our photo shoot preparation

Geof was always on top of everything which made our lives easier. This was our first photo shoot as a couple so we’re glad he guided us. Here’s our pre-photoshoot checklist of things to have or to do.


  1. Silicon Pads – for backless outfit
  2. Nude Strapless Bra – for spaghetti strap, off shoulder and the like tops 
  3. Manicure and Pedicure – nude or french tip is preferred but not required as long as the nails are properly trimmed and clean
  4. Dark Gray Contact Lens – to add more beauty to your eyes on top of makeup
  5. Brown Tone Hair Color – to make your hair look natural and beautiful in your photos
  6. Hair Extension – not required but it depends on your photo shoot peg, most women prefer long wavy hair in their photo shoot


  1. Haircut – get a haircut to match your photo shoot peg
  2. Facial Grooming – groom your face depending on your photo shoot peg
  3. Nail Grooming – nails should be properly trimmed and clean


I prefer not to pack several shoes on this trip and to shop for accessories and props. I’m glad our stylist provided the following:
  1. Shoes – should match your outfit, Mike brought his own as his size is not available with our stylist
  2. Accessories – examples are jewelries, hat or headpieces and should match your outfit
  3. Props – examples are balloons, fairy lights, bubbles, confetti and the likes, this is not required and will depend on your theme and preference
Osmena Peak - The Hollapinos
Photo shoot before the summit

Pre-photo shoot must-do

  1. Hydrate well before the day of the photo shoot. Aside from the health benefits of being well-hydrated, you may not be able to hydrate too much during the photo shoot. You may not want to go to the toilet frequently while in a formal dress or when there’s no available toilet like in Osmena Peak.
  2. Eat healthy but not too much. Keep a balanced diet. Include fruits and vegetables in your meals so your skin will benefit too.
  3. Get enough sleep because you will want your eyes to look good in your photos. Don’t get all the magic from the makeup!
  4. Exercise so your body looks toned.
  5. Moisturize your face and skin. Use eye cream too! Applying makeup is easier to do on healthy skin.
  6. Do number 2 before you leave your home or hotel on the day of your photo shoot.

Pre-photo Shoot No-No’s


If you will have one, get it a week or two before the photo shoot. I had a facial with diamond peel a few days before our photo shoot. My face was so rough on the photo shoot day due to the diamond peel. Good thing, my makeup artist is a pro and used her magic on me.  Facial may also make your face swell or have red spots.

Hair Color

This should be done a few days or a week before the photo shoot. Doing this too early will show the hair growth from the roots that have a different color.  A retouch will make you spend twice on a hair color service at the salon.


Don’t use a hair conditioner when you shower before the photo shoot so it will not be difficult to set your hair style.


As this should be part of your personal hygiene, putting too much focus on your nails depends on your shots. If you will have shots focusing on your hands or fingers especially when wearing your engagement ring, this is a must! Trim and clean your nails for the photo shoot a day before its schedule as our nails grow fast and can get dirty when we do something.  If you will go for a manicure and pedicure service, go to the salon a day or few days before your photo shoot to prevent nail growth from being visible or accidents. I opted for french tip style and the nail polish on a tip chipped a day before our photo shoot. Going for a gel type polish is safe but not required as this is more expensive too.
Photo Shoot Ideas Tumalog Falls - The Hollapinos
Near Tumalog Falls

Other photo shoot needs

Body Measurements

Our stylist needed our exact body measurements (without allowance) to prepare our photo shoot wardrobes.  The following measurements were needed. Bride-to-be: Shoulder, Bust, Waistline, First Hip, Second Hip, Full Length Groom-to-be: Shoulder, Arm Length, Chest, Waistline, Pants Length We went to an alteration shop in a mall to have our measurements taken by an expert since our stylist needed it before we arrived in Cebu. Geof was skeptical about the measurements done to us so he visited us in our hotel room when we arrived in Cebu a day before the photo shoot.  He was also skeptical when I said I don’t need hair extensions so he checked it too and requested our Hair and Makeup Artist (HMUA) to provide one for me.

Van Rental

Our contracts with our Cebu suppliers specified that we will be the one to provide transportation.  We have a big team which includes our photographers, videographers, HMUA, stylist including his assistant and my two sisters so we needed two vans.   Ate Cora, a fellow dragon boat paddler from Cebu Mighty Dragons, assisted us with our van rentals.  Thank you, Ate Cora! You may find van rentals with driver in Cebu here.


Our contract stated that we are to provide the meals too.  Even if not required in the contract, it will be nice to provide snacks or meals to your photo shoot team. It’s recommended to allocate a budget for meals.

Our photo shoot sessions and itinerary

Each day, we needed to wake up early because the hair and makeup session was done in our hotel before we started the travel to our photo shoot locations.

Photo shoot day 1

Tumalog Falls

Habal-habal roundtrip: Php 50 Entrance fee: Php 20 Opening hours: Everyday 6AM to 5PM Tips: Go early to avoid the crowd, always check with the locals if it’s currently dry or not
Tumalog Falls - The Hollapinos
The crowd and our photo shoot at Tumalog Falls
Instead of the original plan to have a photo shoot in Kawasan Falls, we did it in Tumalog Falls. This waterfall is in Oslob, 4 to 5 hours away from the airport. Only habal-habal or motorcycle taxi rides are allowed to go near the waterfall. Our vans parked at the designated parking area then each of us rented a habal-habal. The rider who took you to the waterfall is the one who will do your return trip. After paying the fees, our HMUA gave us a retouch and our stylist dressed us up at the lounge near the toilet area then we walked to the waterfall.
Photo Shoot Ideas Tumalog Falls - The Hollapinos
The stone has spikes!
It may not be as crowded as the Kawasan Falls but we were welcomed by a crowd too. It is recommended to arrive early.  We arrived at a later time since we travelled all the way from Cebu City then we had lunch before we went to Tumalog Falls.
Photo Shoot Ideas Tumalog Falls - The Hollapinos
Photo Shoot in Tumalog Falls
I was hesitant how we could possibly make a good photo shoot here but I just trusted my team and they did not fail us.
Photo Shoot Ideas Tumalog Falls - The Hollapinos
Edited shot in Tumalog Falls
This was also the first session so we were still adjusting especially with me that Geof had to always remind me to point my toes so my legs will look longer.
Photo Shoot Ideas Tumalog Falls - The Hollapinos
Up the Tumalog Falls
Book Private Whale Shark Tour & Tumalog Falls Option From Cebu Here >> Book Oslob Whale Shark and Tumalog Falls Day Trip from Dumaguete Here >>

Osmena Peak

Difficulty: Minor Climb, 1013 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) Entrance fee: Php 30 Best time to go: Late afternoon so you will not get toasted from the heat of the sun and also to catch the lovely sunset
Osmena Peak -Things To Do in Cebu - The Hollapinos
On top of the world with you
Osmena Peak is the highest peak in Cebu. Located in Dalaguete, this is absolutely one of best places to go in Cebu! After paying the entrance fee, the hike will take about 20 to 30 minutes depending on your pace.  Hiking gears and shoes are optional as this is a minor climb.
Photo Shoot Ideas Osmena Peak - The Hollapinos
Prenup at Osmena Peak
I hiked with my flip flops which was okay at first but it broke along the way! You can hike with your flip flops but get a durable one. When my flip flops broke, Mike lent me his slippers and he started hiking with his formal shoes! I love you, Michael!
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Osmena Peak - The Hollapinos
Osmena Peak Photo Shoot
We stopped somewhere before the summit to change to our photo shoot wardrobe and to retouch our makeup. I recommend bringing something to cover yourself if you are going to change here as I changed in the open!  Geof’s assistant and my HMUA tried to cover me but it wasn’t enough.
Osmena Peak - The Hollapinos
Right after retouch and dress up in Osmena Peak
Some shots were taken in this location.
Photo Shoot Ideas Osmena Peak - The Hollapinos
Chasing the sunset in Osmena Peak
Then we went to the summit in our formal wear.
Osmena Peak - The Hollapinos
Going to the summit
We loved how nature provided us with the best photo shoot backdrop and props!  Aside from the lovely sunset backdrop, the fog suddenly surrounded us when we started our photo shoot at the summit.
Osmena Peak - The Hollapinos
Sun almost out, fog out

So did we have our photo shoot on a volcano?

Finally, one of my photo shoot ideas came to reality! And it is on top of the highest mountain in Cebu, not a volcano.
Photo Shoot Ideas Osmena Peak - The Hollapinos
The photo that they thought was on a volcano
We wrapped the day one of our photo shoots, had dinner along the way then returned to our hotel in Cebu City.
Osmena Peak - The Hollapinos
At the peak with you
Book Cebu Kawasan Waterfalls & Osmena Peak Day Tour Here >>

Photo shoot day 2

The Ranch

Photo shoot fee: Php 3000
Temple of Leah - The Hollapinos
Temple of Leah : Photo by Jerald Donal
We arrived in the Temple of Leah only to find out that it was closed for renovation.  The team had to decide quickly for an alternative and recommended the The Ranch Resort in Toledo City.
The Ranch - The Hollapinos
Him or me?!
The temperature was warmer on this day so we were sweating, especially Mike! We’re glad our horsey buddy did not mind the heat.
The Ranch - The Hollapinos
Beat the heat!
One thing I can’t forget about this shoot was that we were asked to lie down on the floor.  It may not look like it because they sweeped the dirt but those dirt included dry manure.
The Ranch - The Hollapinos
Poop bed
And when they flew the drone, all dust and dirt went to our faces.  Oh the things we do for a photo shoot!
Photo Shoot Ideas The Ranch - The Hollapinos
Photo shoot at The Ranch

The Labyrinth

Opening hours: Everyday 9AM to 11AM and 1PM to 5PM Photo shoot fee: Php 2500
Photo Shoot Ideas The Labyrinth - The Hollapinos
Glad to be in the middle of this with you
Also in Toledo City, our last photo shoot location was at the Labyrinth. After makeup retouch and change of wardrobe, they asked us to run inside the Labyrinth and to play while chasing each other. A brief rain shower started just before we began and we broke out umbrellas as we were prepared, but thankfully it only lasted a couple of minutes.
The Labyrinth - The Hollapinos
You can imagine how uncomfortable it was to chase one another in our photo shoot attire and shoes in the heat, but when we look back at the video and pictures we realize how much fun it really was.
Photo Shoot Ideas The Labyrinth - The Hollapinos
Playing inside the Labyrinth
When we reached the middle of the Labyrinth, we were asked to lie down then they flew the drone.  Our team stayed at the entrance of the Labyrinth so that most shots will cover the whole Labyrinth.
The Labyrinth - The Hollapinos
Our team at the entrance of the Labyrinth
The thing with this setup was that when they flew the drone, it produced its own noise. Then our team was far from us so we could not hear what they were directing us to do.
The Labyrinth - The Hollapinos
Mike and I just acted on our own even if the ants were already biting my back!
Photo Shoot Ideas The Labyrinth - The Hollapinos
Pose even if we don’t know what is happening
We cannot get out!
Once they were satisfied with all the photo and video shots, we were told that the shoot was done but only to find ourselves lost in the Labyrinth!  We cannot find the way out!
Photo Shoot Ideas The Labyrinth - The Hollapinos
Lost in the middle
They had to fly the drone again so they could see the paths and directed us which way to go. Remember the drone is noisy and the team was far from us! It was crazy but we love this experience and we treasure this kind of memory. Don’t worry, we were able to get out of the Labyrinth before the day ended.
The Labyrinth - The Hollapinos
We got out!

Wedding suppliers in Cebu

Mike and I agreed to get Cebu suppliers for our photo shoot so we don’t have to pay for flight and hotel costs and out of town fees.

Meet our photo shoot team

Hair and Makeup Artist

Janice The Beauty Fairy Janice was the first supplier I booked because she was recommended to me by my friend Dale from Cebu. She was friendly and an expert HMUA. A true beauty fairy!


The Prime Photo by Jerald Donal I chose Jerald when I was reviewing several portfolios because he got good reviews and I like his photography style when shooting with nature. He was accommodating and booking a photo shoot with him was a breeze too.
Osmena Peak - The Hollapinos
Our prenup team in Osmena Peak


Sneak Peek Aside from good reviews on his portfolio, I chose Mark because he was very nice and passionate.  He was the perfect fit for our prenup video shoot ideas.

Stylist and Creative Director

Geof Lagria Geof was already mentioned to me by Janice but at first, I thought hiring a stylist was unnecessary and just an additional expense. Good thing, Ella who just got married told me that one of her regrets in their prenup photo shoot was not hiring a stylist. I immediately talked to Mike and he agreed to hire one for our convenience. We were lucky that Geof was available on our dates. Discussing our photo shoot ideas to him was no sweat. It would have been a big regret if we did not hire Geof. He was the key person why our prenup photo shoot was a success. Behind the scenes (BTS) were managed by my sisters, Yra and Lerie.
The Labyrinth - The Hollapinos
Our team at the Labyrinth

Areas for improvement

It would have been nice if:
  1. our contracts were followed specifically on the output due dates
  2. the suppliers will initiate when the output will be delivered
  3. we will not receive reasons for delivery delay such as “We have a lot of events.”
Overall, we were very happy with the outcome of our photo shoot ideas! Kudos and thank you so much to our team!
Photo Shoot Ideas In Cebu - The Hollapinos
Photo shoot near the Labyrinth
See our media here: Prenup Teaser, Prenup Video, Prenup Slideshow

BONUS!!! Cebu City Travel Guide

How to go to Cebu City

By Plane

It will be more convenient to fly from Manila to Cebu. Flights from Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Taipei have direct routes to Cebu City. Search and compare flight prices here. You may download the Jetradar mobile app in iOS and Android to set price drop alerts. See our post on how to find cheap flights using Jetradar.
Toledo Port - The Hollapinos
Toledo Port in Cebu

By Ferry

Ferry from Manila to Cebu is available but travel will take about 22 hours.  A ferry ride to Cebu is very convenient if you are coming from Bohol, Siquijor or Dumaguete. Search and compare below.

Where to stay in Cebu City

On this trip, our friend May arranged our accommodation in Diamond Suites and Residences.  It is a 3-star hotel that is just right across Ayala Mall in the city center of Cebu. We stayed in a double room with complimentary buffet breakfast. Room rates range from $29 to $66 (plus tax and other charges) per night.
Diamond Suites and Residences Cebu - The Hollapinos
Chilling after the two day photo shoot at the Diamond Suites and Residences Cebu
Accommodations based on budget range:

Otravel Hostel

  • A budget dormitory stay that is 5 minutes away from the airport
  • Best for solo travellers
  • No need for credit card or prepayment to reserve your stay
  • One night stay for one person starts at $13 plus $1 for tax and other charges (P650 + P78)

Murals Sleepbox

  • A dormitory stay with lovely murals in Cebu City that is liked by couples
  • It has a bar and shared lounge
  • One night stay for one person starts at $12 (plus $1) while for two persons starts at $24 (plus $2)

Mad Monkey Cebu City

  • An adult-only dorm and private room stay in Cebu City
  • It has a restaurant, a bar with evening entertainment, a billiards table and an indoor pool!
  • One night stay ranges from $10 to $46 plus taxes and other charges

Murals Hostel and Cafe

  • One of the bestsellers in Cebu City that has dormitory, private rooms and coworking space
  • Perfect for solo travellers
  • One night stay ranges from $12 to $59 plus taxes and other charges

Shejoje Poshtel Hostel

  • A colorful budget dormitory in Cebu City
  • Perfect for solo travellers
  • One night stay ranges from $8 to $14 plus taxes and other charges

Best Western Plus Lex Cebu

  • A 4-star business hotel overlooking the city with an infinity pool on the roof deck
  • The hotel has a bar and restaurant serving fusion Asian and international dishes
  • One night stay for two persons ranges from $101 to $116 plus taxes and charges

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

  • A Cebuana officemate once told me to never leave Cebu without staying in the Plantation Bay
  • It is a resort in Mactan offering 5-star amenities
  • One night stay for two persons starts at $245 plus taxes and charges
You may search for other accommodation in Cebu City here. Download the Jetradar mobile app in iOS and Android to compare hotel prices. See our post on how to compare hotel prices using Jetradar mobile app.

Things to know when planning to go to Cebu City

Climate And Attire

Climate in Cebu, like most places in the Philippines is tropical.  Wet season is expected from May to October while the dry season happens for the rest of the year.  While our seasons may be affected by climate change, there is not much to worry if you were not prepared with your clothing. It’s not like the summer that I thought when Mike told me when I arrived in San Francisco and also not like the summer they told us when we arrived in Switzerland. Most tourists can sustain our level of hot and cold weather. Pack clothings that will be comfortable with the humidity in the Philippines. 

Other details about Cebu City

  • No visa requirements for a stay not exceeding 30 days, passport has at least 6 months validity within the period of stay, and has a valid return flight ticket or to next destination
  • Currency is Philippine Peso
  • Several banks, ATMs and money changers are available
  • Major establishments accept credit cards
  • Most accommodations offer free wi-fi
  • Power interruption is seldom in the city
  • Cebu City is considered moderately safe based on its crime index rate
The Ranch - The Hollapinos
Mike chillaxing while waiting outside the Ranch

What to pack

A sunblock, sunglasses, reusable water bottle, and insect repellent should always be in your backpack. Consider bringing a dry bag and wet shoes for water activities. We always bring our own mask and snorkel if we go snorkelling or freediving.  Rentals for mask and snorkel are always available but you know the thought of how many people have put that snorkel in their mouth is not a good thought.

How to go around Cebu City

Go around Cebu City by riding a jeepney, taxi or motorcycle taxis (habal-habal). You may also get your own ride by renting a scooter, a motorcycle or a car. Download the Jetradar mobile app in iOS and Android to compare car rental prices. See our post on how to compare hotel prices using Jetradar mobile app.

Where to eat in Cebu City

Casa Verde

It now has a branch in Ayala Mall Cebu and branches in Metro Manila but my favorite is the branch in IT Park Cebu. A plate of steak starts at P350. Check the servings first as one plate serving is too much for one person for us.

Flame It! Burger

Located at Ayala Center Level 4, Flame It! Burger is my must-not-miss burger in Cebu. A burger starts at P135.

Rico’s Lechon

Never miss to try the Lechon Cebu and we love to get it in Rico’s. Our favorite branch is the one near the airport. An order of 250 grams of lechon starts at P275. You can also buy lechon at stalls along the road. Best paired with puso or rice wrapped in coconut fronds.

La Vie Parisienne

My favorite place to hang out and get dessert! Pizza, pasta, wine and gelato is available. It is tagged as the “Little Paris” and a perfect instagrammable restaurant in Cebu!
La Vie Parisienne - The Hollapinos
Meet up with my friend Jing in Cebu
A plate of pasta starts at P290 while a serving of pizza starts at P375.
La Vie Parisienne - The Hollapinos
An instagrammable spot in La Vie Parisienne

Explore Cebu City after your photo shoot

Tops Lookout

Tops is an overlooking place 600 meters high in Cebu City.  You can chill or sip coffee while hanging out with your friends at the Tops. You may commute to the Tops by riding jeepney to Busay. Tell the driver to drop to drop you at the JY Square then ride a habal-habal to the lookout. For PhP 380 Only : Book Private Shuttle Transfer Between Cebu City and Tops Cebu, Temple of Leah, and Sirao Garden Here >> The best way I was able to go to Tops was by car . At night, it is recommended to bring a windbreaker.

Skywalk Extreme

Entrance Fee and Skywalk Experience: P600 per person An extreme adventure located at the 37th floor of the Crown Regency Hotel & Towers.
Skywalk Extreme Cebu - The Hollapinos
On top of the world again with you
For ₱570 Only : Book Crown Regency’s Sky Experience Adventure Pass Here >>


Although prenup photo shoots have been a thing nowadays and I know that all these photo shoot ideas excite you. Always remember that this is optional depending on your preference and budget. Never forget that the true essence of marriage is your love and connection to each other as a couple.
Photo shoot ideas The Ranch - The Hollapinos
Our connection is the most important
Did you like our photo shoot ideas? Was it helpful to you? Let me know what you think about it by leaving a comment below. It will make my day!

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