Mike Holland Dragon Boat - The Hollapinos
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(Last Updated On: July 25, 2020)

Hi, my name is Mike Holland and I will share to you my dragon boat story.  I’m am the other half of “The Hollapinos”.  Just like my beautiful wife, I enjoy dragon boating, traveling the world and sampling delicious cuisine.

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Mike's dragon boat story- The Hollapinos
Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival

I was first introduced to the sport of Dragon boating though my work in 2014.  I had two Filipina friends that were on our corporate team and they invited me to an open house to try the sport.  They said they needed some strong men on their team, so I wasn’t sure why they were asking me, haha.

Mike Holland Dragon Boat - The Hollapinos
Credit to the owner

I had never heard of Dragon boating before and naturally didn’t even know what it was.  From day one at that open house event when I first held a paddle and practiced my first strokes on the water I was hooked.  My fellow future teammates told me that I was going to love the culture, the travel and the food; and they were right!

Mike's dragon boat story - The Hollapinos
Dragon Boat Practice

My corporate team only raced here in the state of California where I live, but our coach at the time also coached an international team that travels to race in various countries.  I was fortunate to be invited to race in Penang, Malaysia in December of 2014 with his team.  This was the inaugural event of what would become my life as I know it now in the sport.  I had never traveled this far in my life before and little did I know that my future international travels in the sport of Dragon boating would bring me face to face with the woman of my dreams that I fell in love with and is now my wife.

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Mike Holland Dragon Boat - The Hollapinos
Boracay, Philippines: Credit to the owner

You’ll have to check out our How We Met story to find out how that happened.   

Mike Holland Dragon Boat - The Hollapinos
Boracay, Philippines: Credit to the owner

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The Author

Mike is an OSP Engineer by profession. He is a dragon boat paddler and a softballer by passion. He has travelled to several countries prior to meeting Katie.

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