Mayumi Resort - The Hollapinos
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(Last Updated On: July 26, 2020)Mayumi Resort is located in a quaint and quiet seaside location of Mabini, Batangas.  We stayed here with our friends for our last trip together for 2019.

How to go to Mayumi Resort

There are options to commute to Batangas via bus, jeep and tricycle or a private vehicle. In our case we chose to drive my wife’s car from Paranaque City to Batangas. The drive time is always dependant on the amount of traffic on the roads. For us it only took 3 hrs due to lighter than normal traffic because of the holiday season, so allow longer commute times for normal days and weekends.
Mayumi Resort Batangas - The Hollapinos
Brunch Stopover
Using the WAZE app we were able to easily navigate to the resort. The access road off of the main road to reach the resort is very narrow, only allowing for one vehicle to traverse at a time and has a steep descent to the parking area. Nothing that a normal driver can’t handle. Just take your time, use your horn on blind spots and be aware of your surroundings and you will arrive safely.
Stairs to Mayumi Resort Batangas - The Hollapinos
The view from the stairs going to the resort
Once parked, we grabbed our gear and proceeded on the long stair walkway down the hill to the resort.

Arriving in Mayumi Resort

We arrived in Mayumi Resort at around 1pm and we were immediately greeted by the friendly staff and shown to our room. Upon opening the door to our room and viewing we were very pleased. It wasn’t too extravagant and not too plain, it was just right. The room was clean, visually comfortable and the perfect amount of space for us as a couple to maneuver around in and not get in each other’s way.
Mayumi Resort Batangas - The Hollapinos
Complete attendance!
Our accommodations included two beds, so one we used for our luggage and gear and the other for sleep. The bathroom had a decorative sink adorned with small stones and a light fixture in the shape of a sea turtle. Our only negative with our bathroom was the fluctuating temperatures we encountered during showering.  If ranged from cold to very hot and we were unable to dial it in to be comfortable. We advised management of the problem and they admitted that the water heater in our shower was scheduled for replacement. So we expect the problem to be resolved by the time you read this article.
Our room in Mayumi Resort Batangas - The Hollapinos
Our room during our stay
To finish off in the room, let’s step outside onto our small balcony. Two sliding glass paned wooden french doors provided access to a small balcony that overlooked the rooftops of rooms below us and through the palm trees and vegetation we had a beautiful, but not full view of the ocean and beach.

Mayumi Resort staff

I would easily say that one of the biggest perks to our stay at Mayumi Resort in Batangas was very friendly and courteous staff. Second only to that was the convenience of the location of our room. Everyday we simply walked about 50ft from our door to the stairway, down the stairway about twenty five steps and were at the dining area overlooking the pier, beach and ocean.
Leisure Time - The Hollapinos
Leisure Time
Now more about the staff. They were very attentive to us once we were seated for our breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
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They always served us with a greeting, a smile and they answered all of our requests without hesitation or question. This fact alone gave us reason to consider returning here for any of our future vacations.
Tilapia and Cheese sticks - The Hollapinos
Feast every meal!
You will not have to venture far to appreciate the beauty of Mabini Resort in Batangas. We were able to see and appreciate the location, the views and the clear water all while staying in place at the resort. In our collection of gear we brought a DSLR camera, a GoPro camera, a Mavic Air drone and a tri-pod to easily record our weekend.

Freediving in Mayumi Resort

We were here to mainly freedive and appreciate the sea life and we were not disappointed. The water was comfortable, clear and even at shallow depths allowed us to see plenty of beautiful marine life. We were even fortunate enough on our first day to encounter a magnificent  sea turtle and spend a few minutes filming it during our freedive.
Morning Snorkelling in Mayumi Resort - The Hollapinos
Morning Snorkelling
If you are looking to see an unlimited amount of vibrant, active and colorful sea life, then this is a place to add to your travel destinations. Whether you are simply snorkeling recreationally at the surface of the water, free diving in shallow depths, or taking it up a notch and freediving 10 meters or more you will be amazed at all levels.
Turtle Meetup in Mabini - The Hollapinos
Hello Turtle
When your day in the water is a wrap, you’ve cleaned up and had your dinner and dessert; do yourself a favor and hydrate and enjoy the beautiful star filled sky from the cement pier at the resort. The air is fresh, clean and invigorating; and the celestial view up above will cap off your wonderful day at Mayumi Resort in Batangas and hopefully provide you with sweet dreams. We were grateful for another trip together after our honeymoon.
Sunset in Mayumi Resort Batangas - The Hollapinos
After sunset

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