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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2020)

Travel cost is one of the major concerns of all travellers. How to save money for your travel may be challenging but doable especially if you will eliminate nonessentials in your everyday life.

How to save money for travel - The Hollapinos
Our honeymoon in an overwater bungalow in Moorea, French Polynesia

We aim in this post to help you to save for the travel of your dreams.

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Save Money For Travel - The Hollapinos

What are nonessentials?

These are things that you spend on your daily life that are not necessary.  In short, you can live without and probably your life will be better when you eliminate the nonessentials.

"Me: Where to travel next?
Bank account: To the park?"

How to save money for my travel?

Eliminating nonessentials in your daily life and converting its cost into your next travel fund.

Save money from nonessentials - The Hollapinos
Save money from nonessentials

How To Save Money For Your Travel Question #1: Are you smoking?

See how much you are spending on smoking by inputting the estimated number of sticks you consume daily and the cost of a cigarette pack on our calculator.

Do you think you can let go of a vice to save money for your future travels?

It is a win-win situation too as it will be beneficial to your health as well.

I used to smoke. Quitting was one of the best decisions I made for myself.  My health was my main concern but cutting cost on smoking followed.

And how much does a pack cost again?

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How To Save Money For Your Travel Question #2: Are you a signature coffee fan?

Who doesn’t love coffee? Whether at work or on vacation, sipping coffee in the morning is one of the favorite habits of most people.

See how much you are spending on signature coffees daily using our calculator below. Input how often you buy on a daily basis and how many times in a week you consume signature coffee.

So how to save money on coffee? Perhaps, you can opt to buy a lower cost quality coffee or make your own coffee.

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We have a Starbucks, a Figaro, and a Bo’s  at work but I opt to buy the brewed coffee at our deli at PhP 15 (approximately $0.30) per cup. 

Two servings of this coffee won’t even cost half of the smallest serving of a signature coffee.

This may also minimize your sugar intake from frappuccinos.

I still buy signature coffee but just once in a while only.

Do you think you can lessen your coffee cost so you can save more for your travels?

How To Save Money For Your Travel Question #3: Do you live near your workplace?

Do you walk, commute or drive your car to work?

Use our calculator below to which applies to you.

Walking is a simple daily exercise that provides a lot of health benefits and can lower your transportation cost.

Another win-win situation for your health and your travel funds.

Most people I know are aware that I walk to work and back to our shared apartment. When people ask me the distance of our apartment to work, I usually tell them it is about a 25-30 minutes walk and they will be surprised why I walk that far.

I told them it relaxes me to walk.  It saves me from the stress of rush hour to commute or drive my car when walking is really doable. 

It also minimizes my gasoline consumption which helps the environment, my car maintenance costs and the per hour parking rate!

Do you think you can walk to work instead?

Other nonessentials

The three items above may not be applicable to you.  I created a generic other nonessentials calculator for you.

Think of some things or habits that are nonessentials in your daily life so you can use its cost to save for your travels.

Do you think you can let this go to save money for your travel?


As it is not bad to spoil ourselves with treats and convenience once in a while, we have to think that being healthy and being able to travel are the best treats we could ever have.

This may not be applicable or work for everyone especially if travel budget is not an issue to you.  This how to save money for travel tips is not just for saving money, it is also for saving your health.

Happy saving!

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  1. I love your post, especially your calculators! They are made very well and super useful! I hope your post will help many people to realise how much we are sometimes ”throwing out our money” on not really necessary things.

    1. Hi Sandraans! Thank you for your comments. We’re glad that you loved our post and found the calculators to be useful. We also hope to help others to save by providing these tools. It’s amazing how a little savings can go a long way towards your reward.

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