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(Last Updated On: August 2, 2020)

The famous Swiss brand of running shoes is a lightweight design joined by comfort, performance, and style. ON running shoes is ideal for walking and running even with hiking and while biking making it the best shoes for travel.

Best shoes for travel - The Hollapinos
Biking to the Belvedere Lookout in Moorea wearing my ON Cloudflyer shoes

1. It is lightweight

As a long-distance runner, I am one of those who believe that a durable pair of shoes should be bulky and heavy for better cushioning. I stopped believing that ever since I bought my first pair of ON running shoes.

ON running shoes are lightweight and flexible. It has CloudTec cushioning technology that adjusts to how your foot hits the ground. Another thing I notice is that my foot can feel a bounce every time I land a step. It’s like I’m stepping on the clouds.

2. It is versatile on your travel activities

One of my struggles with packing is how to strategically pack all the shoes that I would need for travel. Before I got my pair of ON running shoes, I would need shoes for touring around, for jogging in the morning, for minor hiking, and for riding a bike.

What I like about my ON running shoes is that it can be used for all those activities making it my best shoes for travel. Since it is lightweight, it will not add too much weight to my luggage. If I want to pack light, I wear it during travel to save space in my luggage.

A girl hiking with her ON running shoes - The Hollapinos
Diane wearing her ON Cloudventure peak for hiking which she also uses for playing Frisbee

3. The best shoes to provide comfort for travel

ON running shoes has a breathable mesh to maintain a comfortable in-shoe climate while keeping debris out. Don’t you hate it when you feel debris inside your shoes?

The shoes have a comfy fabric lining and molded foam insole for excellent step-in feel that still feels great even without wearing socks.

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4. It is the most convenient travel shoes

ON running shoes has no break-in period and ready to perform as soon as it is out of the box. You can choose between the conventional laces for a snug fit or the elastic laces for an easy slip-on ready to get going.

5. It is a stylish shoe for travel

ON running shoes have a variety of color schemes for everybody. Whether you like it plain black or white or even a mix of gradient colors, you have several selections to choose from.

Couple wearing ON running shoes during travel - The Hollapinos
Ivan and Yannie, a couple wearing ON running sneaker during travel in Bangkok

It is a stylish shoe for travel that is easy to pair with any clothing. And also perfect for a couple with matching shoes while travelling.

Can we use running shoes for daily use during travel?

Running shoes that are designed to perform can be used even as a lifestyle sneaker. It is being comfortable while being ready for anything.

One example is when I became a member of the officiating team in the 2020 SEA Games (Southeast Asia Games). While most officiating role would require a lot of walking or standing, I was assigned to be a runner on the spot.

It means I needed to deliver the printed results from point to point as fast as I can. If I was not wearing my ON Cloudflyer running shoes, it would have been difficult for me to run around during the competitionΒ for 2 days.

Is it bad to walk in running shoes?

No, running shoes are designed to be cushioned for added comfort. It also supports pronation and protects you from injury. Walking does not require as much support and protection but it wouldn’t hurt being a little extra on your shoes.

Are ON cloud shoes worth it?

Reading other people’s reviews, some find it expensive while most people find its price to be reasonable. A pair costs from $120 to $250. I including people I know using ON running shoes wouldn’t mind paying for good quality pair. For us, you get what you pay for.


I hope that when you travel, you will hit your daily step goals to stay active and healthy even during vacation. And for you to love walking all the time, you will need comfortable travel shoes. What are the best travel shoes for you?

#2 photos credit to Dianne Acio. Follow Diane on Facebook and Instagram, #5 photos credit to Ivan and Yannie

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