Hi! Welcome to The Hollapinos Travel and Paddle Blog! We are Mike and Katie, an American-Filipino mixed couple, who both love dragon boating and travelling.

About The Hollapinos

We call ourselves “The Hollapinos” in reference to the joke by Russell Peters about the world is mixing where one of the mixes is “A person from the Philippines + A person from Holland = Hollapino”.

Mike is not from Holland, but it is his last name so why not, right?

The Hollapinos Engagement Party
Our Engagement Party

The Journal

Before we got married, we kept a journal of our travels. On our first travel, both of us were able to contribute to writing something each day. The next travel, it was only Mike. I love the idea of a journal but writing on a paper is not fun for me. Another travel leads to another, the journal was untouched.

During our wedding preparation, I created a website thru The Knot and both of us contributed to its content.  Our friends enjoyed reading it.

After our honeymoon in Moorea, I told Mike that I still want to continue the journal but it has to be in a way that we both enjoy so that it will be sustainable.  We agreed to use different platforms to share our passion for dragon boating, travelling, and everything in between. And that’s when The Hollapinos Travel and Paddle Blog was born!

Our travel blog aims to help you achieve your travel dreams by providing you with budget hacks and DIY tips.  Although we promote budget travel most of the time, The Hollapinos also encourage you to treat yourself once in a while like what we did during our honeymoon in French Polynesia.

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Mike’s Wedding Proposal

Mike proposed to Katie a few days before the Boracay Island closure. Watch the video of Mike’s wedding proposal below.

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